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Tuesday, June 15, 2010/ 5:58 AM

dearly beloved monsters,

first of all, i must apologize for the ALL SMALL CAPS right now. i know what our professors said right. "good punctuations mean good structure." but darn i hate this keyboard. the right 'shift' key is not working. grrrr. and i'm too lazy to use the left one. so again, sorry.

happy first day to the ones who had their first day! and to the rest, who had their class a week or so before today, happy schooldays! haha. is everybody doing fine? i hope so. and darn i have to stop from typing all these '?' and '!'. ugh.

today.. today.. today was fun.. another selection about college experience again. i love prof parcon's taste of selections. she really knows well about how freshmen students feel this exact moment. if you're having problems about yer first days of college check out the essays 'college pressures' by william zinsser and 'what are you here for?' by i forgot who. haha. just check it out and you'll find ways on how to cope up with university life (yes, even this early).

oh and i forgot. today wasn't a hundred percent fun. Gia cried earlier :-( she's having problems. and we're really trying to help her. i mean, its not easy being a daughter of a professor here. she thinks everybody hates her. don't worry Gia, you have Geli and me loving you til the end.. that's what room mates are for right?

so the drama continues. she uttered about feeling a little homesick and all. but oh well she's not the only one who feels that way. i miss home too. i miss my room and of course my peeps back there :-( but it's okay. *deep breath* its gonna be okay. its just the beginning and we have to be strong.

we had KaKa orientation earlier. and i think i'm gonna give it a try. i think i'm feeling much at home with this ORG. not counting skimmers, of course. I LOVE SKIMMERS. BECAUSE I LOVE PURPLE and everybody knows our signature colors are PURPLE AND PINK. SOOOO MEANT TO BE. There's the Hublag Dance Troop invitation already. Auditions tomorrow but i think i wont go. I mean i want to but maybe not now. i'm still a freshman and they said so themselves there will be a two-hour practice everyday. and as a freshman student, i think i can't handle that :-( not that i dont have the time. i have time but im not really good at time management and that i dont want to end up having nervous breakdowns and all. Lets see what happens and maybe i'll audition next year. as of this year/semester, i'll just have the ones i need the most : MediaDotCom and KaKa.

that's all for today.
happy schooldays monsters!

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