a drunk monster.
Saturday, July 3, 2010/ 8:41 AM

Hello beloved monsters,

I am currently trying to calm a monster down. She's wild and she's not her right now.
Gia dear, what happened to you? My room mate is sooooo drunk right now. I don't know. It may be an after effect of drinking too much coffee. She shouldn't have done the same thing. Everybody knows how I'm used to drinking more coffee than how much I'm supposed to drink. Hope she's fine. Just earlier she was like, "OMG. OMG. I'm drunk." DRUNK OF WHAT, GIA?

Despite this mere fact that my room mate is freaking out right now, today was actually fun. Today was NSTP day but then it kinda felt like REST DAY. We were so dramatically touched when the instructor said we were more than welcome to SLEEP during the instruction as long as we don't create weird-slash-disturbing noises. We sat in front and OMG we felt soooo comfortable (Irish actually lay down the floor!) with the AC beside us plus my eye candy somewhere at the back *jarit jarit* But then it felt awkward cause I had to look back everytime I wanted to catch a glimpse of him. *whispers* he wore yellow. :P

Today I also got hold of my current DREAM POSSESSION : A Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera, also popularly known as the ever so CMS-sacred "DSLR". OMG the kuya who took pictures during the instruction took a picture of Geli lying on my lap while she slept and I was like, "Kuya can I see?" And *drum rolls* for the first time, I landed my fingerprints on that sacred thing! I know I sound child-like but I desperately want one right now. After I get my laptop of course.

And then lectures, blah blah blah.. The instructor was a military person and he knew the "job left, job right" thingy Sir Padi used to do with us. I miss my Cadette Officer days *sob* Still, today was fun. I had lunch at Bentoy's with Camille, Jessa, Geli, Irish, and Regine--a fellow kpop lover, which had an ever so soothing ambiance. They had these small tables on the floor and throw pillows, (we were barefooted, btw). So basically, we had a kind of like a Japanese-Korean meal, only that they didn't serve neither Japanese nor Korean food. LMAO. Just the setting..

Then another two hours of lecture. We were supposed to end at five but then it was cut short for today cause the Clovers (PH and Bio students) asked a favor from the Directress to cut it short cause they were sponsoring a Film Showing of the ever so famous-slash-infamous Twilight Saga--ECLIPSE (blah blah blah) in the City.

So there you go, that's how a monster spends an ordinary day at Miami.
I wanna finish my second from Paulo Coelho tonight (The Witch of Portobello). I only have a few pages left. Next will be Brida. Geli said it's witchier than Portobello's. But not tomorrow; tomorrow will be a study-homework day.

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