my ideal ordinary school days.
Thursday, July 29, 2010/ 10:50 AM

PS: (a postscript before the actual post is really unusual) I just finished browsing a bit of Facebook. I saw a lot of switching to an "In a Relationship" Status. Like oh my gosh. I am still Single! :D On the other note, my bestfriend is I think giving up. Sigh. I guess that's just it. I can't tell him not to. Sigh. It's gonna be okay. Smile, apriil, SMILE..The world loves you..

The following scenes by the way, are my ideal ordinary schooldays!

Photo taken : 07-13-10  by Geli Arceno
This was  during my first Tibiao Fish Spa experience. Look at  Gia smiling and me shielding my face with my palms.  You should know that I couldn't smile that time cause I kept on giggling nonstop. Really! And I just  hated myself. I kept on squealing and shouting short "Ahh"s. Can you imagine how I sounded  like?  I sounded like one of those squeaky toys being squeezed nonstop.  T_T  But I really  did enjoy it. The guys incharge were also laughing cause of my screaming and giggling. Even the other customers in front of us. Errr. I'm sorry for shooing you away, teeny tiny fishes. I  got  really  scared when you  started  feasting on my feet. It felt  like you were gonna leave just bones out  of  it  so I just  surrendered way before the time. Lexi and Geli were with us too. They kept on laughing at me T_T Poor  me.

Photo taken :  07-23-10 by  Sheena Zante
This one was during  Hinugyaw. That modeling  competition among  Academic Orgs I talked about.  The night  was hella fun. I almost lost  my voice!  I was freakin' screaming  over guys!  Hot  guys/girls  onstage! You can't blame me for screaming my  lungs out. It's pretty much normal! People sounded like hungry  wild animals waiting for  they prey to get on  that  catwalk and maybe  take off some clothes. Surprisingly, a lot  of guys  did! *jaws dropped* Especially  the ones from  the  College  of  Fisheries. Unfortunately, I'm not  gonna talk about  who was deserving  and who was not. I can't talk about  that. People will start throwing negative  thoughts so I better  Sheshh up. :P The fact that we were the over all  third-placer; that's enough proof. I must  put my hands together for Froilene and Ivan. They  both nailed  it onstage! *clap clap*  After our collection, we saw Ivan downstage and we were like, "Ivan, you were topless! HOT!" And he was like "I was topless?! I didn't know! I was asleep!" LOL Ivan, I really like your humorous lines! *peace sign* So yea. That was pretty much it. We got the Best Female Model award by  the way. Froilene  (batchmate) you are  gorgeous! We had the third place for the Male Category too :) 
Darnit, aren't we just  sooo goooood? Just wait until Cheering Competition, we'll blow your minds off :P More Hinugyaw Shots  below:  (Click to view  full size)

O4. Is a very hot  guy :O If I had to pick a favorite among all of the models, I'd choose him eventhough  he's not from Skimmers :P Simply because he's hot and irresistable and, a friend of mine.

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