tomodachi means friendship in japanese..
Monday, July 19, 2010/ 12:51 AM

Tomodachi means friendship in Japanese..
Yea. I learned this one from Kuya Justin, Head of the Student Council, Committee on Permits and Documentations just earlier today, when we had a meeting. This week is gonna be a handful for me. It's gonna be Foundation Week and almost all the Organizations I've joined have different jobs and duties. The Broadcasting Committee will be in charge of Hinugyaw -- a Fashion show-slash-battle between the different Academic Orgs. They were telling me to join, but I don't want to. Although there were no official invitations, I never planned of joining.. I'm not really the individual type of individual (i don't know what that means but yea..).. I'm not into individual competition and such.. They kept on insisting and was like "You have to join.. Don't waste a very good gift-- HEIGHT." blah blah blah. But I really don't want to. BECAUSE FIRST AND FOREMOST, I AM SHY. Yes I am :) So I'll be more committed on the Documenting stuff. I find it more interesting to work behind the scenes (just for now). I'll never know what'll happen next.

There's gonna be the Hinugyaw, wherein I got to be given a shot of being a photojournalist for a day. Thanks to Kuya Justin -- Who is by the way a JPOP fan (and I think has a Japanese blood).. Have I told you about the keychain story? No? Not yet? Okay so this is what happened. We met outside the dormitory one evening cause he had to pass on some stuff to us (survey sheets for the exhibit). It was our first meeting and of course, as any girl would feel, I got star-strucked. I had the "Omona. I'm talking to Kuya Justin. Hee.." kind of expression stuck on my face. Okay so he might read this *hides under the blanket* I think it's okay. I'm just blogging. It's not a crime :). So back to the story, after a few talks and exchange of questions, before he went home, he gave us each a Keychain! It was just Shelly and me that day, Issa wasn't there so he asked me to give the other one to Issa when I see her. And then I was like jumping like a child and thank you-ing him nonstop cause it's really kawaii (am i using the right word?) You know I'm not really into Japanese stuff but the keychain looked so yum yum! It was a chocolate bar with the word "sweet" written on it.. Haha.. Issa's and Shelly's were both slices of chocolate cakes so who wouldn't jump for joy?! :D And he told us it was really from Japan. He bought it himself when he went there so we felt really privileged of having that cute little thing. :3 That made me want to focus on being a VolCorps more. Thanks Kuya Just! I actually thought he was a Korean at first but bang, I suddenly got to know he loves Japanese stuff instead. lol.

Tomodachi by the way, will be the title of our Exhibit that'll be held on July 26-31 (mark them on your claendars, CAS people!). We will be in charge of it (Me, Issa, Shelly and Kuya Just). It's an exhibit in memory of the Japanese-Filipino Friendship day and we'll be showing lotsa Japanese stuff in the lobby. And as usual, I got incharge of the Photoshop duty. Not that I don't want it though. I really really love Photoshop-ing. But then I really really badly need a laptop right now. *sniff* This week will be all about Documentations, Files, Photos, Downloads -- it sure will be a handful for us. I am incharge of the tarpaulin. I have to make one (kind of like the Hinugyaw's). -- So that's VolCorps/Student Council duty :) We'll be like Student Guides -slash- Usherettes. We'll be guiding the judges blah blah blah. Crown Control duty too. It's gonna be fun :)

BroadCom duty -- We'll be documenting stuff as well and will be incharge of camera views and the like.. Kuya Josh said we will be the moving objects of the show (I don't know what that means too but yea.lol)

CMS duty -- The upperclassmen (second years, to be specific) has this project(?). They are assigned to be producers and directors of their own show and they have to choose a talent-slash-host for it. I'm one of the chosen ones so I don't have a choice. lol. I will be hosting a show for heaven's sake! :) I'm excited and nervous. :D I'll do my best for my unnies ~ Fighting ~! Time check now is 3:30PM and I have to be at the Intra-School Broadcasting Laboratory before 4PM for practice. I still have to print the script ate Jinky gave me so I hafta go now :D

That will be my DUTIES for this week.

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