When you don't do your homeworks..
Monday, July 12, 2010/ 2:33 AM

In our school, when you don't do your homeworks, you don't get scolded, or asked to stand up in one corner for the whole period... You get told to go outside the room, to the library and do the homework.. It's not awesome, but it's good enough for a student like me.. Math 1 class today was a bummer.. I knew we had a homework but I got so tired the other day. -- Talk about the responsibilities of a Batch Treasurer.. I had to do room-hop at 12 midnight (yes, midnight) for collections.. -_- I'm not giving it up though.. That was just a simple mistake.. I will do better next time.. Still I'm thankful that our Professor didn't get angry with us.. Prof Mae! But I also thought it was fun, cause I was with fun people.. So yayy..

Today, it rained very very hard.. Complete with thunders and lightnings.. But the weather is fine now (it better be). We're having Cheering Practice later for the Sportsfest.. And because SKIMMERS (Academic Org. for BA Communication and Media Studies & BA Literature students) have been the defending champions for two years already, we have to win it this year and *bang bang* we have GRANDSLAM! Yayy.. Don't be too excited, we're not winning yet, we're just starting our practice.. While the other Academic Orgs (RedBolts, Sotech, Clovers, Electrons) had already started last week, we're just starting now.. How awesome (?) -_-.. The pressure's on us.. Wish us luck..

I am planning to post my song here.. I'm still thinking about it though.. Still looking for ways to record it very clearly.. With the guitars, I don't have any problems; we have two guitars up here.. *think think* When we get to be third years, I will have ZERO problems on recording -- we will have full access to our recording studio.. (If I ever get to be a third year here) Of course I am! I am I am! I have to! So while I am a freshman, I think my job is to compose more and more songs so the next time around, I'll record and record and record.. --OMG it's raining again!-- How can we practice with this weather?! *panic attack* -sigh- Anyways, it's getting nearer to practice time now. I shall take in dinner or else someone will get angry again. -_-

***I felt weird last night.. And today, confused..

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