rainy day, please stay.
Sunday, August 8, 2010/ 5:29 AM

I woke up, looked out the window, witnessed every raindrop's fall for a few minutes and let out a big sigh. I still can't believe I have actually been waking up in a place so far away from home for months now. I skimmed through my calendar and found out it's been a year since the last UPCAT(University of the Philippines College Admission Test) And yep, I still can't believe I'm one of these few people chosen to be here. All of us here pretty much still can't. Yet and still, some things are just bound to happen. I'm bound to be here, with these people, in this place.

We had our Dormitory Group Dynamics just two days ago. We talked about a lot of things that most probably have intensified my wanting of going home. I have told you about Mom's birthday. This is gonna be the first time I'm gonna miss her birthday and I feel so sorry for my self. I am missing out on one of the most important persons of my life's Birthday! Poor you, Apriil. I pitty you to the nth power.

Honestly, I can vaguely remember the feeling of being around my family. I am that kind of person. I am sentimental. And yea, I adore those who are too.

Going back to the Group Dynamics story; It was one night of opening up to a few Peer Counselors of the University (Open Forum, for a more digestable term). But before the whole thing started, we played a game called "THE BOAT IS SINKING". It was my second time playing that game and I'm thankful we did that during Skimmer's Cheering Practice cause if not, I may have looked stupid the whole night just trying to figure out what I was supposed to do in that game. Fortunately, I figured. We were divided into ten groups, each with fifteen (I think) members, picked randomly. Ten groups meant ten room to be used; and UNFORTUNATELY for us, our room, being one of the BEST (:P) ROOMS, was chosen to be one of those to be used. We got help from our boys downstairs and we thanked them from that (with all the heavy furnitures, that sure was a lot of work). The whole thing lasted for about five to six hours. So basically, WE were (about) three feet away from each other, in one room, with the lights off, for six hours. And yes, I'm talking about my crush. I am not gonna deny anything. Everybody knows anyway. I guess even he himself knows. It doesn't really matter. It's just mere fangirling. And it was because I fell inlove with his voice and his guitar playing skills plus his great reasoning in their Soc Sci 2 class (says Geli). We sang together one time and yea it hella gave me the creeps. He's really good and darn my voice kept trembling. -sigh- But we're not really that close now so yea. It's just mere "hi"s and "hello"s between us now. I don't even know why. Poor me.

I changed my background music. I was browsing through Youtube in search of a perfect song ; one that would best describe how I feel right now. I tried to search on Priscilla Ahn and found this wonderful song. And it's really the perfect song cause it's been raining here in Forks for days now. And I mean, nonstop. It somehow reminds me of HOME. -sigh- Im trying my hardest not to remember home, It's makin me cry, darnit! [sad face]

To beloved bloggers who kept on tagging while I was away, Thank you very much and I really appreciate all of it. To my affies and followers, I'm working on something for you guys! Expect a gift from me SOON. Fourteen followers so far. And Blog ranked at two thousand from three thousand before. (That's not bad, right?) Thank you. I said I was gonna update my profile. I have started on it, but have not finished yet. But I'm gonna finish it soon, really. It's just that there have been lotsa schoolworks waiting for me to do recently so I had to focus. Soc Sci 1 Exam results tomorrow and I'm excited. I did my very best for that exam. [happy face]

I am finishing Paolo Coelho's again. After a few weeks of being away from my second Paolo Coelho, I'm back and I have read almost all of it's pages, just a few chapters left. I really really love Paolo Coelho. I'm an official Fangirl now. Heee.I am loving the Magus' and Brida's Scenes together. ♥ I see love. They're Soulmates. But there's a twist. Check it out for yourself.

I guess that's it for today. I love you all. ♥
Rain - Priscilla Ahn
Well it's raining and it's pouring
and my old man, well he is snoring
Rainy day stay
Well my brother, he builds a puzzle
on the blue rug with lazy bubbles
Rainy day please stay
Rain rain don't go away,
The sun can come back another day
Rainy day please stay
Well my mother,
she doesn't bother with the dishes in the kitchen
Rainy day please stay
Well now i am three thousand miles from a rainy day with my dearest lovers
Father's dreaming of the fall
Mother covers with the shall
Brothers in the yellow hall, painting pictures on the wall
  Iam listening on the floor, to sounds i used to know
Rain is falling to the ground,
praying all the hopes are found
Rain rain don't go away,
The sun can come back another day, rain please stay.

rain rain rain rain....

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