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Thursday, August 26, 2010/ 2:40 AM

[Written @ 08/24/10]

Just so everybody would know, I'm writing on my journal right now. I have a laptop infront of me and an always accessible WiFi but I just don't feel like typing and blogging right now. Maybe I will soon blog this, but not now. I've been wanting to spill a lot of these imprisoned thoughts for a long time now. Somehow, I feel like no matter how hard Isearch for the right words, I just can't.

I remember one time having heard of one of the truest statements I have ever heard in my life. I heard it from my Pa.
"If something can go wrong, It will go wrong."

Talk about my father's so-called Words of Wisdom. Haha. I have never felt such satisfaction as how I do right now for all of my life. Everything is just getting very fast-paced. It's as if someone pressed the  fast forward button of my life without even warning me or something.

But despite all these, I am enjoying it. -- I am talking about today. I've always imagined how horrible my life
was gonna be when I become a college student (plus the fact that I'm away from my family). I thought every day was gonna be hell. I thought of every day that passed as a day closer to going home and seeing my family again. I never thought of my days here as a mere school day to enjoy and talk about when I go home; I simply just wanted to live and survive this University. Just like any of my other "todays" here, I thought today was gonna be a really really not-so-good-day for me. I woke up way beyond the time my alarm clock's been set to wake me up, took a fast bath, did not devour even a pinch of food for breakfast, and came to my 10AM class late. Yes, it was a 10AM class and I even came late. What a bummer.

Just when I came in the classroom I realized that we have an essay to pass for the next class. It was just two and a half hours before the next class and it was for CMS 11 (Communication & Media Studies 11) class which was our MAJOR COURSE and darn, how can I formulate a one-page ESSAY for my MAJOR COURSE with that span of time left?! I was starting to believe how horribly pathetic I've become ever since I came here. So during lunchbreak, I did not eat again, which is something not that new by the way cause TRUST ME, IT'S NOT EVEN ABOUT SKIPPING MEALS. I always DON'T EAT BREAKFAST. Sometimes, people here just eat one meal in a day and you're considered cool if you're one of them. So basically, it's not the skipped meals - It's all the schoolworks and paperworks and works and works and more works. Instead of eating, I went straight to the Cafe to work on my essay. I just let my fingers type whatever my brains wanted them to type and poof. When I actually read what I've typed I was like "Whoa." Did I write this?? I kinda felt like I got possesed by a Literature person when I was typing. It was so darn good. Well, maybe not that good but better than my other works so far. I glanced at my watch and
found out a quarter of an hour left so I just checked my blog for a while and whoooshed to my next class.

CMS 11 class was trying so hard to convince me that today was gonna be something. The class was sooo much fun. Our topic was about errors committed in sequential communication. We had an activity that jolted some joy in me and finally made me believe that today was really gonna be something. We had a quiz after the lecture and to my surprise, I got only one mistake! Like, hurrah! Instances like these really really makes my day. When I can truly tell that learning can be really fun sometimes. So, yea. After that class I had one more class left, English 1. And it kinda made me feel nervous how I suddenly felt happy cause you know there's this myth that when you start feeling really happy, the next part was gonna be really sad and somewhat opposite to what you've felt just before. Then it had dawned into me that Mam was gonna announce our Examinations
result today. I was like. OMONA! I was pretty confident that I was gonna pass but I did not expect that I was gonna be one of the persons with the highest scores! Like omg! How did that happen?? I did not even study! I swear I didn't. I'm really not bragging I just really really need to let this all out right now cause I can't contain all the happiness I'm feeling right now. It was an objective kind of test so I was expecting it was gonna be more application than identification and stuff. So yea, I did not study.

I am sorry for being too wordy and mentioning every single detail. I just don't want to let this day pass without having the chance to store it somewhere. I was supposed to blog this but I'm here, writing it just cause my hands are not in the right condition to type because of so much happiness and so I'd decided to store this memory by just writing it on my journal. So now, another pocketful of words STORED.. Thank you, Journal.. :)


So yea. I really did post it. Haha. Because my fingers are all stabilized now. Phew. I haven't updated for a while now. I know I don't need to but I'm apologizing to you guys! Hee. I just want to apologize. There's nothing wrong with apologizing, right? A lot of things have happened eversince I last visited my blog. I'm sorry for not replying to every tag but I promise I'll make it up to you guys. Just keep it coming.

Today, I received gifts again. []



Thank you so much for the gifts, people. I really appreciate it all.

This month was a BLAST.
It was a series of WINNING EVENTS.

We had Skimmer's Litmus (Literary Musical). Oh and have I mentioned that we won first place for Pop Dance? I was so happy to know that we won over some really really sick dancers from the upperclassmen. They were really all good and I was really shocked when the winners were announced. We just got third or fourth I think during Acapella though. My voice was not in the right condition plus they chose a song I BARELY KNOW! I mean, I know Inie Minie but I can't even memorize the lyrics. I really did not want to at first cause they were gonna let me do the blending and harmony (for a song I barely know!). But I had no choice so I just did it. I also wanted to help my fellow batchmates so yea. During the Pop Dance though, we did Shots and I can say it felt pretty awesome. Must thank Denise and Ilych (both from Hublag Dance Toop) for those sick choreographies. Haha. It was awesome. I must congratulate Coleen too for winning the Oration! We love you Coleen! *clap clap*

We also had Pagsambuha '10 (one-week Buwan ng Wika Celebration) and I'm very proud to say that I am a VolCorps Member and we were the ones who facilitated the program. From the design, to the program. I really had fun making those banderitas with my fellow VolCorps-mates. They are really fun people to be with. And oh my gosh, you wouldn't believe that We Won Everything! There were three competitions (Extemporaneous Speech, Oration, Translate a song) and we (Skimmers) won over all ther other CAS
Academic Organizations with all of the contests. And I am happy to have participated once again. I did Translate a song with Shine, Ate Lek and Jessa on guitars. We were asked to pick one English song (just any kind) and make an original translation for it to our National Lnguage, Filipino. The upperclassmen just told us about it the night before the contest and as usual, we crammed again. But I actuially love cramming so I think it was fun. At first, we tried to translate NE-yo's mad but then It turner out to be a comedic one. Haha. So we decided to just choose another one but I was not able to help in choosing cause we had to meet for VolCorps
duties. We still had to decorate the venue and stuff. So when I went back to the Dormitory, I saw them in the sala and they were just "Oh thank Gof you're here, April!" and I was like "..." And they pulled me in and Jessa started strumming MYMP's "Especially For you" in her guitar and asking me to translate the rest of the song and do the blending and harmony again. The title was "Basta't para lang sayo" And I started working
on it as soon as I heard Jessa play it. The song was just sooo... PERFECT. So yea. We had about five rounds of practice and performed it in the afternoon. (See what cramming can do to me? Haha.) The other contestans performed solo, Because of you, and Stars.

When they all went in the venue, Shine and I got really intimidated. They were all from SONATA! The Organization of the awesome Musicians! We were like, really really trembling inside. Phew. We did not expect that we'd win too. I even think it was just Ate Lek who made us win. Her awesome projecting skills are just the best. Haha. You would never resist her. Lol.

So yea, we were the over all champions for that event and phew, that sure was a lot.

You think we're awesome now?
Wait 'til HASA and Cheering Competition.
We are so gonna get GRANDSLAM.
With the awesome help from SIR BOB, darn. Who wouldn't win??
He's just soooo awesome in a way that he's making the word "TIRED" get blurred out in our vocabulary. We're doing so much lying on the floor and lifting and darn. There's no right words for it. Just watch out for it.
Speaking of Cheering, gotta rush to Cheering Practice now. Sir Bob's gonna be there tonight and we're gonna practice with heels.

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