Brida, the Witch who had two Soulmates.
Wednesday, August 18, 2010/ 10:23 AM

"Paulo Coelho did a great job in tormenting me with the ending
for the second time, and I'm loving him more for that." -Coffeemoonstar

Today, I finished one of the bests: Paulo Coelho's Brida. I really planned to finish this today cause I was planning to start on another I personally bought myself. You see, when I went home I got even happier; I found out that all the malls were having a three-day sale. I was like, HURRAH! Do they really love me that much? They had a three-day sale while I was home! Cheers for me! So yea. Going back to my book review; as usual, Paulo succeeded in disappointing me with how it ended. He really has this ability to make me blurt out the words "Whaaat? That's it?!" when the ending comes. And I just love how he does it. He's really something. Though I still prefer The Witch of Portobello. I'm not saying this one's a bad one; I'm just saying, I felt a little more witch-y with the first Paulo Coelho Book I've read.

 It just bugs me (again) that Brida did not end up with The Magus. She had two Soul Mates: The Magus and her boyfriend, Lorens. In the last Chapter, she was really going to choose The Magus but then he just insisted that she must leave him alone and that her boyfriend was waiting for her. Arrrgh. I just hate that part. It was like reaching the top of the hill only to find out it wasn't the hill you wanted to climb. I know, right?! Very disappointing. Still, all the twist and turns encountered during the journey of climbing had something in it. Just like what I had said about my review of The Witch of Portobello, the perfect couple for me did not end up together and I kinda hate-love how Paulo does it all the time. It makes me wanna look out for twists and turns more. Maybe I'm gonna start on The Alchemist; but only when I finish Lisa Gardner's Gone. I picked it randomly in a booksale. I judged it by it's cover; I know that's not right, but who knows? Maye the cover really defined what was inside. And the cover is really simple and pretty. And I know that simple things always seem so complicated; and I kinda love Complicated things (WHAT?). I'm really starting to type nonsense stuff so better stop now.

Paulo Coelho was a bummer for the second time.
And I love him for that. []

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