why does every ending has to be tragic?
Saturday, September 4, 2010/ 6:17 PM

I really hate movies with tragic endings. It always gives me the creeps; I never get over it even after weeks of different happenings pass by. So guess what, I went home for the long weekend and I've got nothing else to do. I had the chance to hang out with some old folks but I chose not to; I just wanted to stay home cause I know sooner or later, I'm gonna be missing it again. I was trolling through some DVDs and realized how much movies I've missed while I was away. I've always been the couch potato in the family, now I'm becoming the lamest couch potato. GUESS WHAT -- I still haven't watched Twilight Saga's ECLIPSE. I know I'm not really a fan - but just nowadays, you know you're not considered "IN" if you still haven't watched it. Oh but I don't really care, you know.

As I was browsing through some stuff, I found famous Edward Cullen's face in one of the covers; I asked my bro what movie it was. R E M E M B E R M E. The cover was kinda well (you know how much I judge a lot of stuff by it's cover) so I fed it in the player, but of course only after satisfying myself by asking my brother a few questions about it; a kind of like a review.

R E M E M B E R  M E.
It starred Emilie De Ravin and of course, Robert Pattinson. It bugs me everytime I look through some underrated works of art. I hate it when people judge something as NOT OKAY just because something better has come out before it did (for me, it's not even 'better'). The storyline is just EPIC. Imagine an expected bad ending with some really obvious reason; it really did end badly, but not with the reason I have already thought. It turned out to be !@#$%& (there's no really words for it). I just know, everybody should watch this. You could see Robert's acting more here; not only the vampire-gaze you always see of him. Something more realistic, something better. Also, I have imagined the story line in a Fanfiction. If it were a fanfiction, no matter who starred in it, I'll surely get hooked to it.

And because I have talked about fanfiction, I am gonna share mine too. I know how I start something and not end up finishing it (Yea, almost everybody do that a lot). I have lots of plots in my journal already; some of it really really bloody, some really just... normal. I figured I should at least share some of it online. Although I had already did that once. Dance With Me was a success, only that I was not able to finish it real fast. It's still ongoing, but I'm planning to revise the whole writing. It just reminds me of how I used to suck at writing.

But, I have something new. I'm just up for first few chapters, but I have received some warm comments already. It's starring Korean people; so kpop haters, you might wanna scram right now. Thank you.

I have always imagined MiSo in a fic together with the rest of WG and 2PM. I have always been a WonderPM worshiper (yes, worshiper). The plot is kinda bloody; but in a way you'll really enjoy. Though the few chapters won't emphasize the bloody part. Just watch out for  it. Double Damned Replica, because both of them are gonna be real DAMNED in the story. Replica - well, that's for you to find out. If you have some time you could perhaps drop by and comment : [click] [click] [click] Thank you! [click image for full view]

I am going back to Miami (Miag-ao, in the real world) later. There's gonna be the ABS Broadcasting Competition and some really good CMS student will be representing UP - so we have to support our schoolmate-slash-coursemate. This week is gonna be all schoolworks again, I have a feeling that I'm not gonna be able to lurk on some affies for some time, please bear with me. Heehee. I still love you all though. I just had a long chat with Mace-unni and Eunice-unni. That explains why my chatbox are full of their names! Heehee.

So I'm going ahead now. Just a postscript: People who are planning to be directors, scriptwriters whatsoever, please remember that I'm signing up to be one of the bad ending haters club. Okay? Thank you :P

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