A letter - DAY 13.
Thursday, October 28, 2010/ 8:24 AM

I went out with Mom today.
It was breaking my heart how I was trying to grasp the idea of starting to spend more time with her. Cause none of these moments with her will ever be normal in the next days, weeks, months and years. I'm starting to feel like something's always gonna be lesser everytime I see her when I go home from Miami from time to time. Not only with her, but also with the whole of my family. Ahhh. I'm really gonna miss them more.

On second thought, I'm really happy with my family right now. I feel like they're my reasons for everything. I keep on asking myself: "Why am I doing these?" "Why am I like this?" And the answer just automatically pops out of my head. Because I have them and I know they'll always be there for me. Ma and Pa have been together for twenty years. And it makes my heart jump everytime I read exchanges of sweet textmessages between them and everytime I realize how they make each other feel okay everytime one of them feels down. I think it really is TRUE LOVE between them. After everything they've gone through, I know they still really really really love each other and I'm very very happy for them.

And gawwwd, why am I talking about this?? Guess it's because the idea of TRUE LOVE does not ever spoil in me. I'll always believe that true love exists and that it will conquer anything. BLEEEEH. I'm starting to sound like a hopeless romantic person. MUST.STOP.NOW.

DAY 13 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Dear Someone,
I'm not sure if you still remember me, but I think you do. Heee. I just wanna say hello though. Cause it's not everyday I get to talk to you. Cause yea I get so freakin' shy whenever you're around and you make this little girl shrink whenever you appear. Though you're not totally aware that you're hurting me, it's okay. It's my fault after all. I told myself not to tolerate any feelings until further notice, but this hard-headed freak still did. So basically, it's okay. I don't hate you; I may even think it's the other way around. Everybody's telling me to talk to you, even I tell myself to do so too; they say it wouldn't do any harm to any of us. But I dunno, everytime I see you, something SHUTS ME UP. And so I'm really sorry if I make you feel like I don't know you and that I'm a total snob or something. But really, I know you. I know everything (maybe not everything) but I know you, really. So I would advice you to do the first move. I dun really talk to crushes. That's not me. I simply get addicted to the idea of you being my crush, and everything follows, but really, I don't initiate any contact. BLEEEEHH. I know you're a smart guy. Ahhh. You're just so ideal. That's all. But I know you'll never get the chance to read this, so yea. I'll keep on dreaming. :p And yes, I LIKE YOU.

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