I want a target. - DAY 09
Sunday, October 24, 2010/ 4:46 AM

I am learning a lot from Paulo Coelho. And I mean it.
Maybe it's because this man is a real genius. He has his own language; one that people could really understand and relate with so easily. He speaks a general word.

I remember one part of his book The Zahir where he mentions about people who have plans in life. People who just blunder on, with no idea where their target is. They plan on getting married, having their own chilren, own riches in life - then they say they're satisfied. But are they, really? I mean, after they get everything they want, will they be able to experience true happiness?

I dunno. But what I know is, that I dun want to be like those people. I want to have a target. One that's hard to shoot but not too far. Not too far for me to shoot. I think I have a lot of time for shooting. Right now, it's all about the target. I have to focus on my target. Though I have no idea where I could find that target, I know I will find it soon. I will, I just have to look further and deeper. I'm gonna get it soon enough, I just know.

Meanwhile, I wanna enjoy life. I wanna take a break from being the avid listener. I am human. I do have my own problems to solve, own family to worry about, own books to read and lessons to learn. I have my own life to live. And I hope everybody understands that. I always understand; now I want to be understood.

Guess I'm gettin' really serious here. Hoooo. Don't mind me. I'm just playing with words. :p Anyway, here goes my challenge for today.

DAY 09 - Something you’re proud of in the past few days.
I am proud of myself. Simply that. Guess I've changed a lot since I got into college. Some of you may think bad about me, but believe it or not, I'm doing all of this for the better not only of myself but of everybody and everything, and that includes you and my country plus my family. I don't care what anybody thinks about me. I am being me. And I am fighting for what is right. It's about time to face the fact that altruism is not enough. We all have to do things by ourselves sometimes. We have our own problems to solve. We won't be able to solve them if we don't face it ourselves. Guess this school is making me braver by the time. I'm not saying I can do everything by myself though. As I've said, I am human. But right now, I'm making myself ready for mistakes I might commit; and I'll do my best to learn from them. Let me commit mistakes, and let me learn from them and correct them. I only have one shot in life and I'm making everything worthwhile. Bow.

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