A Dose of Home [♥]
Thursday, August 19, 2010/ 12:38 AM

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So you may have dropped in to my blog and caught in the time when I had the " I am home!" mood in my header up there . Yea, I did go home and I had loads of fun there . I am in my Freshman year in a University and this is the first time I'm studying away from my family . So far, so good. I have a sister and four more brothers - they all lived together now, I'm the only one away so that kinda makes me feel jealous of them. I can pretty much say I am not used to being away from them. When I went back home, I met some friends again after a long time : Maxine, Kim, James, Fitz, JJ, Star, and Herman (He was so cute! He looked like a Korean when I saw him. I barely recognized him!) --because they ate in Chef Will's and I saw them in the Cafe next to it. But of course, I spent more time with my Family. I have been nostalgic lately and I felt like I needed to go home to be myself again. I realized that I needed a dose of HOME from time to time to be able to survive. So for survival purposes, I went home ! I went home with Feb, a very good friend and dorm mate of mine from BS Psychology. We lived in the same province so yeah.

CHEF WILL's []. For most of my time there, I was at Chef Will's. I had to help Mom with all the stuff and I kinda felt really good cause all the serving stuff made me remember summer- when I was with my cousin Patrice and we were the ones incharge of keeping up our Aunt's Resto . Oh how I miss my cousin. Hope I see her soon.
Daughtz(Maxine) and I agreed to meet up during lunch time cause she had Choir Practice in the morning and since her and my (old)school was just near there, she dropped by, had lunch with a few more friends, and had a little chat with me and my Lil' sister. Maxine has been a part of the family now . She's always welcome and I feel like I am too in their house. I've been there a lot of times already and did a lot of crazy things with her too so I can say she's been a sister to me and a family to my family now.We just love her [♥].
1. After a long time of being away from each other, I finally had time with my Mom! I am so happy I saw her before August ended. Missing her Birthday was bad enough. I couldn't imagine myself missing her Birthmonth . My other brother's gonna have his Birthday on the 25th too! Too sad I'm not gonna be there. I love you Kuya John! [note: Kuya is older brother in our language.]
2. The three little sisters. Haha. You know, what really made me happy was that I knew we didn't have to go to the mall just to experience fun. We just sat there, talked and laughed together, and Poof!I felt completely Happy! [♥].
 3. I'm with my little sister after what seemed to be years! Forgive us for looking so gross . Maxine took this pic in the afternoon and it was sooo darn hot there . Notice how Alecx had her hair un-combed. Haha. And she kept on bombarding my phone again! She really loved one game Party Bubble Popper. Whenever I went home, she'd ask if she could borrow my cellphone and immediately browse through stuff and play the game. I even remember one time when I was about to leave, she was like, "Ate, don't delete my account in Party Bubble Popper, okay?!" So basically, she owned that game. [note: Ate is older sister in our language.]

Now that I'm back, I feel completely happy again. I have something really big behind me, always pushing me forward, making me do stuff for my good and the good of everybody: My Family and friends. I really love them and I feel like they're my Vitamins. They make me feel stronger everyday.

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